Skater grip - double-sided sticker pads that makes fingerboarding easy and fun!

Collecting fingerboards is great but it's even more fun playing with them. Skater grip makes ollies easy so you can do tricks that you could never do before. It makes tricks look more natural and realistic with controlled timing.

  • Ollies made easy
  • Grind like never before
  • Board & tail slide like a pro
  • Make cool videos
  • Use your whole skatepark
  • Mix it up with endless combos

Get 100 sticker pads + free postage for just $6.95
That's less than 7 cents for each sticker pad!

Skater grip keeps your fingers on the board so you can ollie on to rails for awesome grinds, slides and smooth airs on ramps. Discover how much more fun fingerboarding can be with Skater grip!

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